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Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 17: Using Punishment: Time-out and Response Cost Punishment occurs when a behavior is followed by a consequence that results in a decrease in the future probability of the behavior. The consequence following the behavior may involve the presentation of a stimulus event (positive punishment) for the removal of a stimulus event (negative punishment). However, punishment procedures typically are used only after functional nonaversive interventions extinction, differential reinforcement, and antecedent manipulations have been implemented or considered. When these procedures are implemented and result in a decrease in the problem behavior, punishment procedures are unnecessary. If a punishment procedure is used, it is often a negative punishment procedure involving the removal of reinforcing events after a problem behavior. Time-out Example Cheryl and the other kindergarten children were sitting around the table making figures out of clay and finger painting. After a little while, Cheryl threw one of her clay figures and smashed some figures made by other children. The teacher walked up to Cheryl and said Cheryl come with me. Then she took Cheryl by the arm and walked her to a chair across the room. When they got to the chair she said, Cheryl, you cant play when you throw things or break things. Sit here until I say you can play again. After 2 minutes, the teacher walked back over to Cheryl and said, Cheryl, you can come back to the table and play now When Cheryl came back and played without any further problems, the teacher talked to her and praised her for playing nicely. Types of Time-out www.notesolution.com
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