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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Notes

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Matthias Niemeier

Chapter 1: Introduction Early Philosophy of Perception -Plato compares our sense or reality to a prisoner in cave -Plato: Greek philosopher during golden age of greece -prisoners only able to see wall in front of them lit by fire. They hear and see shadows only -because this is all they see, this is their reality -what we know about the world is through our senses -senses have evolved to help survival -we are only able to detect small amount of energy around us -e.g. we cant see UV light, infrared, magnetic fields -Heraclitus: Greek philosopher a century before Plato. -cant step in same river twice always changing, cant have same experiences twice -implies perception also depends on qualities of person -experience influences perception -change draws our attention, ignore static -adaptation: ignore bc of exposure to stimulus -e.g. notice house smell at first, but then adapt to it -Democritus: Greek philosopher, had complete trust in senses -believed sensations caused by atoms interacting between objects and organs -i.e. we should trust senses bc they were physical interaction w world -so weight is reliable sense bc of direct contact -primary qualities: directly perceived -secondary qualities: needs interaction from objects -sensory transducer: substancestructure that converts energy to diff. form -e.g. light into neural signals -perception -> interpretation of signals -likely to depend more on experience, while sensation more on signals Nativism and Empiricism Nativism nature Empiricism nurture Nativism -Nativism: mind and body are separate, we have innate abilities -Descartes: Came to similar conclusion -believed in dualism: mind is separate from body -believed mind had no substance and lives on -didnt trust senses, ideas come from the mind -Monism: opposite of dualism, mind and matter are made of the same thing www.notesolution.com
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