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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Notes

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Matthias Niemeier

Chapter 4: Perceiving and Recognizing Objects -e.g. a house, simple cortical cells only see high contrast lines -only sees parts, dont actually see house. Just lines. -Middle (Midlevel) vision: Stage in seeing, after basic features are interpreted (early vision). But before object recognition and scene understanding. -combines features into objects -e.g. how we a snowmans edges dont belong to the house -recognition must involve matching what we see to memory Middle Vision -goal is to sort elements in scene into groups that we see as objects Finding Edges -cant assume lines that touch each other are objects bc they overlap -we fill in edges even when colours may be the same and there are gaps -bc of random in lighting -illusory contour: When we see edges that arent actually connected -e.g. fig. 4.5 RULES THAT MAKE CONTOURS -structuralism: Complex perception can be understood by analyzing components -i.e. perceptions are made of atoms from sensation (colour, orientation) -see perception as built up from local sensations of atoms -illusory contour disproves bc gaps (cant have atoms) can be seen as having edges -Gestalt: Whole is > sum of sensory parts -german means form, everything has form, but we cannot always see it -Gestalt grouping rules: rules for which elements are grouped from raw retinal image -lines of sim. Orientation are seen as part of same contour -parallel lines with gap btw support each other, make it easier to see lines between them -e.g. fig 4.6 -even more so if the lines form a closed shape -good continuation: gestalt grouping rule, elements group together if they seem to lie on same contour -e.g. fig 4.7 -we see lines that continue in one direction -group edges that have seem orientation PERCEPTUAL COMMITTEES -perception is like committee, we take different rules, principles and guesses and come to a consensus www.notesolution.com
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