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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Notes

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Matthias Niemeier

Chapter 5: The Perception of Color Basic Principles of Color Perception The colour we see is related to wavelength We see things that reflect light Darker surfaces absorb light Colour is result of interaction btw physical w nervous system The Problem of Univariance photoreceptors respond to different wavelengths with different strengths however, we can get the same response from more than one wavelength when intensity varies, we can also get the same response Therefore, output of photoreceptor itself doesnt tell us colour o Problem of univariance: combinations of intensity and wavelengths produce the same response, so we cant tell colour Trichromacy Rods and Cones Rods are sensitive to low light levels o Contain photopigment rhodopsin Scoptic: Light level bright enough for rods but too dim for cones o i.e. low light levels o we can tell light from dark, but still cant see colour cone receptors sensitive to daylight levels photopic: bright enough to stimulate cones and saturate(max out) rods cones have one of 3 different wavelength senstivies: o depends on peak response o S-cones: sensitive to short wavelgneths (blue) peak at 440 o M-cones: sensitive to medium wavelengths (green) Oeak at 535 o L-cones: senesitve to long wavelengths (red) Peak at 565 Because we have 3 types of cones, each gets diff response for a wavelength, allows us to distinguish colours o If we change intensity, ratio of response btw cones is same Trichromaitc theory of colour vison (trichromacy): Colour is understood by relation btw responses from 3 cones Metamers Actually see mix of wavelengths at same time www.notesolution.com
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