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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Notes

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Matthias Niemeier

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Chapter 6: Space Perception and Binocular Vision Goal of visual system is to interact and perceive structure of space Realism: world is real Positivists: world could be fake, bc we rely only on senses Euclidean: geometry of real world o i.e. parallel lines stay parallel, objects are same size when they move o retinal images are non-Euclidean we interpret Euclidean world from non-Euclidean images having two eyes lets us have backup visual field is 190 deg binocular summation: combining signals from each eye binocular disparity: differences between 2 retinal images o need for stereopsis stereopsis: using binocular disparity as cue for depth o better perception of 3D monoucular: one eye monocular depth cues: depth cues from just 1 eye binocular depth cue: depth cues from 2 eyes o e.g. stereopsis Monocular Cues to Three-Dimensional Space impossible to perfectly recreate 3D world, so use depth cues and implicit understanding of physics and geometry we use multiple cues combined to understand 3D Occlusion occlusion: one object blocks view of another o one of the most reliable depth cues, except for when we have accidental viewpoints non-metrical depth cue: only tells depth order not magnitude of depth metrical depth cue: gives quantitative info about depth distance Size and Position Cues projective geometry: rules for projecting 3D to 2D o e.g. image on retina gets smaller for farther objects o implicit understanding helps use depth cues relative size: comparing size of items wo knowing actual size o E.g. know smaller things are farther away Texture gradient: largersmaller objects are grouped together and separated on image www.notesolution.com
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