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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Matthias Niemeier

Chapter 7: Motion Perception We need something that quickly detects motion for survival Motion After Effect (MAE): After seeing a moving object for 15+ seconds, we see still objects as moving in the opposite direction MAE is caused by opponent process for motion detection o Like how colour after effect is caused color opponent process Computation of Visual Motion Simple motion detector Fig. 7.3c o D delays transmission and stops firing if light stays on A o X is multiplication cell, fires only when B&D are active o Human motion detection is elaboration of this o M wont respond to large bug bc it is in both receptive fields o Only works for one direction o Too fastslow causes B&D to be out of sync o More realistic is w more detectors joined Apparent Motion If an object appears in As RF disappears, then re-appears in Bs RF It will be detected as motion Apparent Motion: illusion of motion from fast changes in position of objects o e.g. Cartoons The Correspondence and Aperture Problems Aperture: Opening that allows partial view of object If limit our view of something, it inhibits our ability to detect correct motion o Aperture problem: When moving object is seen through aperture, perceived direction of motion may differ from if we saw the whole object Correspondence Problem (motion): Motion detection system doesnt know which feature in 2 frame belongs to 1 frame o e.g. Fig 7.5 Each neuron in V1 (primary visual cortex) has limited RF, so is like aperture www.notesolution.com
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