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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Notes

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Matthias Niemeier

Chapter 8: Attention and Perception Retina gets more info than we can process Cant look at 2 things at same time Attention: Mechanism to restrict processing bc cant deal w too many inputs at same time o Overt attention: directing sense organ at stimulus e.g. looking at word o Covert : paying attention to one thing, looking at another o Divided : Giving attention to two things at same time e.g. reading and listening to music o Sustained : constant attention e.g. watching pot to notice boiling Selective attention: pick one or a few stimuli Selection in Space Reaction time (RT): time from stimulus seen to response Cue: shows where next stimulus could be o Can be valid, invalid, neutral Stimulus onset asynchrony (SOA): time btw one stimulus shown and another o At SOA 150ms cueing effect of valid peripheral cue (8.3b) increases Symbolic cues take longer bc we have to interpret them o E.g. arrow 8.3c o Eyes are symbolic, but fast The Spotlight of Attention www.notesolution.com
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