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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Notes

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Matthias Niemeier

Chapter 12: Touch Touch is mechanical sensation from mechanical movement of skin o Tactile is the movement Kinethesis: perception of posnmovement of limbs Proprioception: perception mediated by kinesthetic and vestibular receptors o Broader system of kinethesis Somatosensation: collective term for sensory sigs from body touch requires more action for us to sense it Touch Physiology The Sense Organs and Receptors Units for Touch skin is largest and heaviest sense organ epidermis: outer layer of skin dermis: inner of 2 layers of skin o has nutritive and connective tissue skin has diff receptors called channels o e.g. touch ice, different channels sends info about temp, shape and texture attributes of receptors: o Type of stim. it responds to E.g. pressurevibrationtemp o Size of receptor field o Rate of adaptation (fast vs. slow) fast-adapting(FA): burst of action potentials for onsetoffset of stim, doesnt respond when stim is static slow-adapting(SA): active in steady state of stim. TACTLE RECEPTORS Mechanoreceptors: sensory receptor, responds to mechanical stim (pressure, vibration and movement) Has nerve fiber and expanding endings Classed as A-beta fibers, allow fast neural conduction Mechanoreceptors and afferent(going towards brain) fibers have properties similar to hairless skin Terminal endings: o Meissner corpuscles: specialize nerve ending FA I fibers, small RF endings at junction of www.notesolution.com
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