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Matthias Niemeier

PSYB51: Chapter 1: Introduciton Introduction: Plato: Compares our ordinary sense of reality to that of prisoners in a cave. Plato paints this imaginary picture to emphasize how critically our conception of reality depends on what we can learn about the world through our senses. Everything you think is true about the world around you depends on what you can learn through your eyes ears nose tongue and skin. Platos picture basically stated that your understanding of reality and even your sense of imagination is restricted to those things that you can perceive through your senses Heraclitus: you can never step into the same river twice-> basically saying everything is constantly changing This is also true for our perceptual experiences This is true because Every experience changes the following experience. Perception quickly comes to ignore anything that stays the same for a very long time. Adaptation: A reduction in response caused by prior or continuing stimulation All of our sense adapt to constant stimulation. Democritus: Had complete trust in sense: The world is made up of atoms that collide with one another Psychophysical methods: Method of constant stimuli: www.notesolution.com
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