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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Textbook Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Matthias Niemeier

PSYB51 Notes are Chapter 1: Early Philosophy of Perception -The allegory of the cave, written by Plato compares our ordinary sense of reality that of prisoners in a cave. - It emphasizes how critically our conception of reality depends on what we can learn about the world through our senses-our sense of reality are the products of evolution - Heraclitus was a Greek philosopher known for his famous statement you can never step into the same river twice- stresses his view that everything is always changing - no two experiences can ever be identical, because experiencing the first event changes the way we experience the same event the second time - perceptual systems are keenly sensitive to change - perception quickly comes to ignore anything that stays the same for very long, this is adaptation - Democritus is had the radical idea that the world is made up of atoms that collide with one another - are senses should be trusted because perception as a result of the physical interaction between the world and our bodies - the most reliable senses were those that detect the weight or texture of objects - taste and olfaction, our sense of smell, come closest to Democrituss theory - primary qualities are those that can be directly perceived, secondary qualities are those that require interaction between atoms from objects and atoms in the perceiver - sensory transducer is a substance or structure that changes energy from one form to another - perception deals with the interpretation of the signals from sensory transducers, it depends more on experience Nativism and Empiricism Nativism - Plato believed that the body and the mind are separate entities, and that certain mental abilities must be innate = nativism -Rennee Descartes Believed that only humans have in mind, the dualist www.notesolution.com
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