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Chapter 1

Notes for Chapter 1 (&Lecture 1) (Lecture and Textbook COMBINED)

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Matthias Niemeier

PSYB51 - Perception Lecture Slides Textbook Slides Lecture 1 - Introduction Early Philosophy of Perception - Platos The Allegory of the Cave (380 BCE): story of prisoners in a cave who were only able to see the wall in front of them. Their complete reality is only of the shadows on the wall facing the prisoners of those behind the opposite wall. o Our conception of reality is critically dependent on information gathered through our senses - Perception and your sense of reality are the products of evolution: o Have evolved to encourage survival o Have evolved to match the sorts of energy in the environment important for survival (i.e. light, vision) - Some animals are able to sense stimuli that humans cannot (i.e. bees can see ultraviolet light, humans cannot) - Plato: o Perception depends on events and energy (that change) in the world o Our understanding of reality is restricted to things that we can perceive - Heraclitus (540-480 BCE): You can never step into the same river twice. o everything is always changing o idea that the perceiver cannot perceive the same event in exactly the same manner each time experiencelearning adaptation change - Adaptation: a reduction in response caused by prior or continuing stimulation - Democritus (460-370 BCE): The world is made up of atoms that collide with one another o sensations are caused by atoms leaving objects and making contact with our sense organs o perception is the result of the physical interaction between the world and our bodies o idea of primary qualities and secondary qualities primary qualities: qualities that could be directly perceived (i.e. texture, weight) (the senses that could detect primary qualities were the most reliable) www.notesolution.com
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