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Chapter 3

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Matthias Niemeier

Chapter 3- Spatial Vision: From Spots to Stripes Acuity: The smallest spatial detail that can be resolved Cycle: For a grating, a pair consisting of one dark bar and one bright bar. Ex. when you’re looking at a picture of black bars on white paper, if there are 25 cycles you will see 25 black bars Visual Angle: The angle subtended by an object at the retina. (An example picture on page 57) Sine Wave Grating: A grating with a sinusoidal luminance profile - If the stripes are wider than the photoreceptors you can still see the lines, if the stripes are narrower than the photoreceptors and one photoreceptor can cover both the black and white line, the person will not be able to take it apart and just see gray - Aliasing: Misperception of a grating due to undersampling. This could happen when the lines in a gradient are so thin that one photoreceptor covers the white and black portion. This is when we misperceive the cycles to be longer than they r
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