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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Music and Speech Perception

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CHAPTER 11: MUSIC AND SPEECH PERCEPTION Chords Music is further defined by richer complex sounds called chords. Chords: are created when three or more notes are played simultaneously. Can be consonant or dissonant Consonant - Perceived to be most displeasing Are combinations of notes in which the ratios between the note frequencies are simple. Consonant relationships are 2:1 ratio or perfect fifths (3: 2) and perfect fourth. Dissonant ratios are defined by less elegant ratios Are not particularly pleasant i.e the minor second (16:15) or the augmented fourth ( 45 :32) because chords are defined by the ratios of the note frequencies combined to produce them, theya re named the same no matter what octave they are played in. i.e G-major chord consists of G,B and D no matter the octaves as long as the ratios are the same! Cultural differences Musical scales and intervals vary across cultures Relationship between notes such as octaves are universal, diff musical streams use different number of notes and spaces between notes with in an octave. Because people around the world have evry diff listening experiences, they hear musical ntoes in diff ways Better estimates of intervals if those notes correspond to their cultural scales. Making Music Notes or chords can form a melody. www.notesolution.com
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