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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Binocular Vision and Space depth

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Chapter 6 Space Perception and Binocular vision The ability to perceive and interact with the structure of space is one of the fundamental goals of the visual system. PHILOSOPHIES Realism: A philosophical position that there is a real world to sense. Positivism : a philosophical position that all we have to go on is the evidence of our senses, so the world might be nothing more than an elaborate hallucination . Euclidean: named in honor of Euclid REAL WORLD The geometry of real world is Euclidean. Parallel lines remain parallel as they are extended in space, objects maintain their size and shape in the real world. BUT, Euclidean geometry is not the only geometry, the geometry of retinal images of that world is non-Euclidean. The geometry becomes non-Euclidean when the D world is projected onto the curved 2D surface fo teh retina. Parallel lines in the world donot remain parallel in the retinal iamge.teh retinal area occupied by an object gets smaller as the object moves further away---- if we want to appreciate the Euclidean world, we have to reconstruct it from non- Euclidean input. We reconstruct teh world from 2 non-Euc inputs: teh two distinct retinal images. Teh two retinal images always differ. They differ because the retinas are in different places.i.e just as u and the person next to u sees different views of the world. Why have two eyes? www.notesolution.com-same evolutionary advantage as having two kidneys, lungs etc you can lose one eye and still be able to see. -doubling the number of eyes is that they enable u to see more of the world. Our visual field is limited to 190 deg from L to R. 110 is covered by both eyes. Field is more restricted vertically: 60 deg up an d 80 deg down. Overlapping binocular visual field give predators a better chance to spot small, fast-moving objects. Binocular summation: the combination of signals from each eye in ways that make performance on many tasks better with both eyes than with one -may have caused the evolution of eyes infront of faces. Another benefit for overlapping binocular fields : Binocular disparity b. disparity : -the differences between the two retinal images of the same scenes. -is the basis for vivid perception of 3 dimensionality of the world , which is not available with purely monocular vision Stereopsis binocular perception of depth Monocular = one-eyed vision -Loss of stereopsis But stereopsis is not necessary for depth perception but it does add a richness to teh perception of 3D world. www.notesolution.com
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