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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Matthias Niemeier

Psychophysical MethodsMethod of Constant Stimulicreating many stimuli w diff intensities to find the tiniest one that can be detectedoften 50 detection is designated as the thresholdturns out that no such hard boundary existsbc of variability in the nervous systemstimuli near threshold may be detected and missedsomewhat inefficient bc much of subjects time spent w stimuli that are well abovebelow thresholdMethod of Limitsexperimenter begins w same set of stimuliie tones that vary in intensitytones presented in order of increasing or decreasing intensityascending orderfaintestloudest asked to first report when they hear a tonedescending orderloudestfaintest report when tone is not longer audibleresults some overshoot in judgmentsascending usually takes more intensity to report hearing a tone descending takes more decreases in intensity to report the tone cannot be heardtake avg of cross over points to be the thresholdMethod of Adjustmentsubject controls the change in stimulusmay be the easiest method to understand bc i
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