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Rimma Teper

Introduction Sensation and PerceptionThe ability to detect the pressure of a finger and perhaps to turn that detection into a private experience is an example of sensationPerception can be thought of as the act of giving meaning to those detected sensationsVariety of methods used in the study of sensesMethod 1 ThresholdsWhat is the faintest sound you can hear How would you know What is the loudest sound you can hearMethod 2 ScalingMeasuring Private Experience When you say that you hear or taste something are those experiences what the philosophers call qualia singular qualethe same experiences as the experiences of the person youre talking toQuale In philosophy a private conscious experience of sensation or perceptionMethod 3 Signal Detection Theory Measuring Difficult DecisionsMethod 4 Sensory Neuroscience Sensory neuroscience will explain how your perception of the world depends on the activity of our sensory nerves at least as much as it depends on the world itselfMethod 5 Neuroimaging An image of the mindSuppose you arrange to view completely different images with each of your two eyes We might present a picture of a house to one eye and a face to the other The result is an interesting effect known as binocular rivalryOne reason binocular rivalry is interesting is that it represents a dissociation of the stimuli presented to the eyes and your private perceptual experienceThresholds and the Dawn of PsychophysicsGustav Fechner is sometimes considered to be the true founder of experimental psychology even if that title is usually given to Whilhelm Wundt who began his work sometime laterDualism the idea that the mind has an existence separate from the material world of the body mind is separateMaterialism the idea that the only thing that exists is matter and that all things including the mind and consciousness are the results of interaction between bits of matter mind is not separatePanpsychism the idea that the mind exists as a property of all matter that is that all matter has consciousnessFechner thought it should be possible to describe the relation between mind and body using mathematics His goal was to formally describe the relationship between sensation mind and energy matter that gave rise to that sensation He called both his methods and his theory psychophysicsErnst Weber 17951878Two point touch threshold the minimum distance at which two stimuli eg two simultaneous touches are just perceptible as separate
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