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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - study notes

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Matthias Niemeier

CHAPTER 3 SPATIAL VISION: FROM STARS TO STRIPES -The retina processes information similar to a computer. Which neurons in which pathways play a role? Describe some of the functions of the pathways. In which important way does retinal information processing differ from that of a usual computer? - retina neuron pathway 2 types: vertical (in retina everything begins with photoreceptors ie rods and cones then bipolar cells then ganglion cells and then out of retina ) and horizontallateral pathway the neurons that are present are the amercrine cells. Functions of the lateral pathway is lateral inhibition (good for contrast). Function of the vertical pathway 1)convergence, retinal peripheral, the photoreceptors will project on the bipolar cells and connect to ganglion cells, info bundles cuz there are way more photoreceptor than ganglion cells that exit the eyes. 2) divergences happens in foveo, individual photoreceptor will connect to 2 bipolar cell, one on and one off 3) transport neuron from eye to brain. Diff from computer in this way: processing and interpreting VISUAL ACUITY: OH SAY, CAN YOU SEE? -contrast= diff in luminance b an object and the background or b lighter and darker parts of the same object -acuity = smallest spatial detail that can be resolved -cycle = pair consisting of one dark and one bright bar -visual angle = angle that would be formed by lines going form top and bottom or left and right (depends on stripes) of a cycle on the page, through the center of the lens, calculated by dividing size of cycle by viewing distance at which you can barely make out the orientation of the gratings, then take the arctangent of this ratio. One of the limits of spatial vision is the finest high-contrast detail that can be resolved, limit due to spacing of photoreceptors in retina . show via Sine wave grating =grating with a sinusoidal luminance profile. If receptors are spaced out we should be able to make out grating but if cycle falls on single cone, we see nothing but gray, this call aliasing = misperception of a grating due to under sampling. DR describe visual acuity not in angles nor cycles but 2020.2030 need glasses. 2010 better than normal. Visual acuity = distance at which a person can just ID lettersdistance at which a person with normal vision can just ID letters. Eye DRs use letter as a whole that is 5 times as large as the strokes that form the letter 2020 is designed to subtend an angle of 5 arc min, and each stork of 2020 letter subtends an angle of 1 arc min = 0.017 degree, with minimum of 1 arc of visual angle can tell black and white stripes apart www.notesolution.com
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