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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - study notes

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Matthias Niemeier

Explain the temporal code of sound frequency. What is coded? How is it coded, whats the proper scientific term for it? What are the limits of temporal coding? How could this limitation be overcome? -shearing directly related to sound pressure level. So spatial code of frequency has to do with which hair cell is beign stimulated and which part of organ of corti. Temporal code tells us about frequency by looking at oneee hair cell. Does so at certain point, limited 1000Hz cuz hair cell cant fire much faster than that. This has to do with action potentials that has activated but then has to build up itz resting potentials, a minimal of time b 2 action potentials, A.P limited. This diff from photoreceptors that can be faster. You can still go beyond that cuz u have more than 1 hair cell but then u still have to join all thediff neurons together and when joining neurons it cant be that accurate, another limitation. So only works up to 4000-5000Hz. CH 11 MUSIC AND SPEECH PERCEPTION Spoken words and music are complex sounds wmeaning, convey emotion Pythagoras convinced musical intervals they found most pleasing should provide greatest insights to universe. Music tell story, affect ppls moods, emotions, when ppl hear pleasant- sounding chords preceding a word, they are faster to respond that a word such as charm is positive and they are slower to respond tat a word such as evil is negative. Music therapy sing, dance, play to music. Music show deep physiological effects. Prozac increases serotonins so does music that are disagreeable. When ppl listen to high pleasurable music, they experience changes in hear rate, muscle electrical activity, and respiration, blood flow increases in brain regions that are thought to be involved in reward and motivation MUSICAL NOTES Important characteristic of any acoustic signal is frequency. Brain structures for processing sounds are tonotopically organized to correspond to frequency. Psychological quality of perceived frequency is pitch Musical pitch musical notes melodies. Octave = interval b 2 sound frequencies having a ratio of 2:1. So hte nearer any 2 sounds were in frequency, the nearer they were in pitch. When one of two periodic sounds is double the frequency of the other, those 2 sounds are one octave apart. For ex C4 = 261.6Hz and C3 = 130.8Hz. this is called just intonation, so frequencies of sounds in simple ratios wone another. Equal temperament is common in western music www.notesolution.com
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