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Chapter 11

chapter 11

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Matthias Niemeier

PSYB51CHAPTER 11 Music and Speech Perception1Music Musical Notes Pitch The psychological aspect of sound related mainly to the fundamental frequency TONE HEIGHT AND TONE CHROMA pitch Tone height is monotonically related to Octave Cord The interval bw two sound frequencies having a frequency A combination of three or more musical notes ratio of 21 with different pitches played simultaneously Tone chroma A sound quality shared by tones that have the Tone height A sound quality corresponding to the level of same octave interval CULTURAL DIFFERENCES Making Music Melody Tempo An arrangement of notes or chords in succession The perceived speed of the presentation of sounds RHYTHM MELODY DEVELOPMENT Rhythmis in large part psychological We can produce sequences of sounds Melody is also essentially a psychological entity that are rhythmic and are perceived as such But we also hear rhythm when itStudies of 8mo listeners reveal that learning of melodies begin quite early in does not exist and notes effectively travel in time to maintain the perception life of consistent rhythm Speech Vocal tract The airway above the larynx used for the production of speech The vocal tract includes the oral tract and nasal tract Speech Production Three basic components respiration lungs phonation vocal chords and articulation vocal tract RESPIRATION AND PHONATION ARTICULATION Articulation Spectrogram The act or manner of producing a speech sound using the vocal tract A pattern for sound analysis that provides a 3D display plotting tim
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