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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Notes

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Matthias Niemeier

Textbook Chapter 3SPATIAL VISIONContrast The difference in luminance between an object and the background or between lighter and darker parts of the same objectAcuity The smallest spatial detail that can be resolved To scientists its the smallest visual angle of a cycle of the grating that we can perceiveCycle One repetition of a black and a white stripeVisual angle The angle subtended by an object at the retinaWhat kind of grating can just be detected by the human eyeA cycle that subtends an angle of approx 1 minute of arcFinest highcontrast detail that can be resolved due to spacing of photoreceptors in the retinasine wave grating A grating with a sinusoidal luminance profile If the stripes are wider than photoreceptors than you will see gratings iftheyre too narrow youll see gray The white and black part of the grating should each fall on separate conesMost healthy adults have 2020 vision acuity levelAcuity for Low Contrast StripesSpatial frequency refers to theof times a pattern sine wave grating repeats in a given unit of spaceJust because the stripes are wider lower spatial frequency doesnt mean its easier to distinguish the light stripes from dark onesContrast sensitivity function CSF A function describing how the sensi
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