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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Notes

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Matthias Niemeier

Chapter 8 Textbook NotesNot possible to process everything at onceAttention is not a single thing it does not have a single locus in the nervous systemAttention is a family of mechanisms that restrict processing in various waysAttention can be overt using eyes or cover tdirecting eyes but focusing on something elseDivided and sustained attentionSelective attention The ability to pick one or a few out of many stimuliSelection in SpaceMichael Posners cueing paradigmexperimentHe measured RTreaction timesParticipants were asked to hit a button when they saw the stimuli appearReaction times measureda measure of the time from onset of a stimulus to a responseCues cause a shift of attentioncues given are eithervalid less RT invalid more RT no cue avg RTPeripheral cues that dont require a shift of attention vs Symbolic cue arrowSymbolic cues take longer to work maybe cause we need to do some work to interpret the arrowStimulus Onset Asynchrony SOAThe time btwn the onset of 1 stimulus and the onset of ano
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