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Chapter 4


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John M Kennedy

Chapter 4Middle midlevel vision a loosely defined stage of visual processing that comes after basic features have been extracted from the image early vision and before object recognition and scene understanding highlevel vision Middle VisionGoal of middle vision is to organize the elements of a visual scene into groups that we can then recognize as objectsIllusory contours a contour that is perceived even though nothing changes from one side of the contour to the other in the imageStructuralists argued that perceptions are the sum of atoms of sensationbits of colour orientation etc perception is built up of the local sensations the way a crystal might be built up of an array of atomsStructuralism a school thought believing that complex objects or perceptions could be understood by analysis of the componentsGestalt form school of thought stressing that the perceptual whole could be greater than the apparent sum of the partsGestalt Grouping Rules a set of rules describing which elements in an image will appear to group together guide the retinal visual system in its interpretation of the raw retinal imageThe Principle of Good Continuation a gestalt grouping rule stating that two elements will tend to group together if they seem to lie on the same contourall else being equal perceptual committeesa consensus view on a single interpretation of the visual sceneText
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