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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Matthias Niemeier

Chapter 8: Attention and Scene Perception Attention: name we give to family of mechanisms that restrict processing in various ways o not a single thing, does not have single locus in nervous system o Overt attention: directing sense organ at stimulus-i.e. fixating eyes on single word o Covert attention: fixating eyes at this page while directing attention to person of interest off to left o Divided attention: reading text while continuing to be aware of music playing in room o Sustained attention: watching the pot to note movement the water begins to boil Selective attention: ability to pick one (or few) out of many stimuli Selection in Space Posner- subject in experiment fixates on central point o After variable delay, test probe appears in one of 2 boxes o Subject needs to hit response key as fast as possible when probe appears o Measuring reaction time (RT): amount of time that elapses between the point when probe appears and point when subject hits response key Disorders of Visual Attention Visual-field defect: portion of visual field with no vision or with abnormal vision, typically resulting from damage to visual nervous system Lose primary visual cortex in right hemisphere, person will be blind on opposite (left) side of visual space If lesion in right parietal lobe, problems directing attention to objects and places on their left Neglect Patients behave as if part of world were not there
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