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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Matthias Niemeier

Chapter 11: Music and Speech Perception Music Music shown to have deep physiological effects High levels of neurotransmitter serotonin responsible for negative aspects of emotion and mood Musical Notes Pitch: psychological quality of perceived frequency Octave: when one of 2 periodic sounds is double frequency of other, 2 sounds are one octave apart Equal temperament: set of notes used commonly in Western music Because of octave relations, musical pitch typically described as having 2 dimensions: o Tone height: relates to frequency in fairly straight forward way o Tone chroma: related to octave Musical pitch can be visualized as helix o Frequency and tone height increase with increasing height on helix o Circular laps corresponds to changes in tone chroma Chords: richer, complex sounds o Created when 3 or more notes are played simultaneously 2 distinctions: o Consonant: combinations of notes in which ratios between note frequencies are simple 2:1 ratio 3:2 perfect fifth 4:3 perfect fourth o Dissonant: less elegant ratios Making Music Melody: form by notes or chords o Seque
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