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psyb57 ch2 10/19/2013 12:38:00 PM Capgras syndrome: Recognize ppl in her world, but utterly convinced that these ppl are not they appear to be. Facial recognition involes two separate systems in the brain Congitive appraisal: I know what my father looks like. Emotional appraisal: you look familiar to me and also trigger a warm response in me. Capgras syndrome, emotional processing is disrupted. The neural basis for capgras syndrome: Old studies PET, current MRI scans. Damage in the temporal lobe, right side of the head. Also involving the amygdala-almond shaped structure that in tact brain seems to serve as an emotional evaluator.(won’t experience warm sense of feeling. Abnormalities in theFrontal lobe (righe prefrontal cortex) Require planning or careful analysis. THE STUDY OF THE BRAIN: Phineas gage- 1848: suffer damage in the front most part of his brain. 1861- Paul Broca, damage on the left side of the brain led to a disruption of language skills. Hindbrain, Midbrain, Forebrain Hindbrain: atop the spinal cord, controlling key lif functions. (Ex. Hearbeat, rhythm of breathing are regulated, brain’s level of alertness, maintain the body’s posture and balance.) The largest area- cerebellum: spatial reasoning, discriminating sounds and integrating the input received from various sensory systems. Midbrain: coordinating your movements, skilled, precise movements of your eyes as you explore the visual world. Auditory information to forebrain. Regulate the experience of pain. Forebrain: Hides from view,only see outer surface is Cortex Cortex- 3 mm thick, 80% of the brain, cerebral cortex. Longitudinal fissure, run front to back of the brain, separates secretarial hemisphere. Other fissures divide the cortex into four lobes. Intellectual functions like making judgments, retrieving m
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