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Chapter 4

Concept Map ch4

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Dwayne Pare

CHAPTER 4 Paying AttentionSelective AttentionSelective AttentionDichotic listeninglistening to two streams of auditory stimuli but focusing on only one streamSelective listening some parts of the unattended stream leak through and are noticedTwo pro cessing strategieswe try to block the distracting information and promote the pro cessing of desired stimuliInattentional blindnessfailing to notice events in a scene due to a lack of attentionAttention and consciousnessthere is no conscious perception without attentionChange blindnessinability to detect changes between scenes occurring in pictures movies and even real life eventsEarly versus late selectioncompeting theories about when the perceiver selects the desired input and decides to stop pro cessing other inputPrimingattention can be directed and prepared for events through primingStimulus based presenting the same stimulus twice facilitates pro cessingExpectation basedencouraging a certain expectation for location or a response facilitates pro cessingCosts and bene ts the two types of primes have different costs and bene ts including larger bene ts for expectation priming and a lower cost for stimulus based priming Space basedthese symptoms are consistent with a space based view of Spatial attentionability to focus attention on a speci c area in spaceattentionSearchlightattention has been characterized as a spotlight that can shine onlyObject basedonce on certain areas at a time and is capable of movi
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