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Chapter 5


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CH5 THE ACQUISITION OF MEMORIES AN THE WORKINGMEMORY SYSTEMAcquisition is the processing getting information and placing it into memoryAfter acquiring this info you need to hold it in memory until the information is needed This is the storage phaseYou can locate information your memory and bring into active use which is called retrievalWhat is good learning depends on how memory is to be used later on so that good preparation for one kind of use may be poor preparation for a different kind of uses The Route Into MemoryCognitive psychology guided by a perspective known as information processing which is when complex mental events such as learning remembering and deciding actually involve a large number of discrete steps It occurs one by one each with its own characteristics and providing as its output the input to the next step in the sequenceInformation was perceived and moved into memory storage which is the process of information acquisitionModal model information processing involves different kinds of memory Information first stored briefly in sensory memory which holds onto the input in raw sensory form an iconic memory for visual inputs and echoic memory for auditory inputs A process of selection and interpretation then moves info into short term memory the place you hold information while youre working out Then this information transferred into long term memory that is a permanent storageShort term memory now called working memory since ideasthoughts in this memory is currently activated currently working nLongterm memory contains all the knowledge beliefs which you arent thinking aboutWorking memory is like a warehouse or loading dock info has to pass through to get into longerterm storage and the movement of information goes out of storage and back into working memoryDifferences 1 working memory is limited in size whereas longterm memory is vast 2 Getting information into working memory is easy if you think about some idea or some content then you are working on that idea or content 3 Getting information out of working memory is also easy Finding information in longterm memory can be more effortful and slow or even fail 4 Contents of working memory are fragile Working memory contains the ideas youre thinking about right now If you shift you thoughts to a new topic these new ideas will occupy working memory pushing out what was there a moment ago Longterm memory isnt linked to current thoughts so is less fragile as information remains in storage whether or not you are thinking about Working Memory and LongTerm Memory One Memory or TwoReporting back words they head in any order is called the free recall procedure Primacy effect remembering the first few wordson the listRecency effect remembering the last few words
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