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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Gabriela Ilie

Chapter 6Some psychologist believe that there is only 1 kind of memory storage but different kinds of processing take place in that storeLevels of processing viewLevels of processing theory of memory memory is though to depend not on how long material is stored on the kind of storage in which the material is held but on the encoding of information to be rememberedoRetention and coding of information depend on the perceptual anlysis done on the material at encodingCraikand Tulving presented with a series of questions about particular wordssurprise memory testostudy session word was preceded by a questionparticipants asked to respond to question as quickly as possible without mention of memory testany learning that occurred would be incidental learningoThree kind of questions askedWhether the words was in capital lettersIf the word rhymed with another wordAsked if it would fit into a particular sequenceoEach kind of question was different kind of processingPhysical processing look at typefaceAcoustic processing read the word and think on soundSemantic processing evaluate word meaningDepth greatest for third kind and least for first kindoSurprise memory test processed semantically remembered best then those processed acousticallyAlternative explanation Participants spent more time answering questions about sentences than capital lettersBower and Karlin studying memory for faces oRate face for honestdeep semantic processing vs gender rate superficialbetter memory for honestyBut hard to define level and depthElaboration of material could aid recalloComplicated sentence calls to a mind a richer ideaoSentence that specified more precisely the relation of a word to context found likely to increase probability of recall target wordDichotic listening task material in unattended channel is not remembered since it only received shallow processing which results in poor retentionBaddeley without more precise and independent definition of depth of processing theoryw as limitedoUnder certain conditions greater recall of information was acoustic than semantically
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