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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Gabriela Ilie

Chapter 7Categorization assigning concepts into groupingsoMental representation of categoriesMedin concept is an idea that includes all that is characteristically associated with itmental representation of some object event pattern that has stored in it much of the knowledge relevant to the object even patternCategory class of similar things that share one of two things oEssential coreoSimilarity in perceptual biological or functional propertiesConcepts establish order in knowledge basesort things we encountertreat things as new or familiaroReduces complexity of environmentoRequire less learningmemorizationguide for appropriate actionTheoretical descriptions of the nature of conceptsClassical ViewAristotle concepts share fundamental characteristics or featuresoFeatures represented are individually necessary and collectively sufficientIndividually necessary the example must have the feature if it is to be regarded as the member of the concepteg 3 sides to be a triangleCollectively sufficient anything with each feature is an instance of the concept automatically3 sides closed geometric figure is a triangleAssumes concepts mentally represent lists of featuresabstractions that contain information about properties and characteristics that examples haveMembership in a category is clear cut all of the necessary and sufficient features member or it lacks them not a memberAll members are equalno one is better or worse No defining features for many natural kind categories oWittegensteins game board games card games ball games nothing in common but similarities relationships etcEleanor Rosch graded membershippeople judged different members of a category with varying goodness examples robinsparrow good chickens ostriches penguins not as good Pluto as a dwarf planetomembership in a category is all or nonebirds shouldnt be birdlierGoodness of a category affected performance on tasksoRespond faster to robin is a bird than chicken is a birdoPeople more likely to list typical than atypical instances
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