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Chapter 8

CHapter 8

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Gabriela Ilie

Chapter 8Visual images mental picturesoAuditory images imagined sounds olfactory images imagined smells cutaneous messages feeling of sensation Visual images is are problematic to studyprivate hard to know if happening or pretendingcannot be controlled by other people distortions and bias purposefully or accidentallyAthlete who mentally imagines a smooth performance will perform betterPeople can cope with negative emotional events with mental imagingoRecall cool aspect of experience help to reduce hostilitiesMemory and Memory CodesMnemonicsTechniques that help remembering informationmany use imageryMethod of Loci requires learner to imagine a series of places that have an specifies order to themand then remember the items in those locationsRoss and Lawrence students trained in method of loci recall 3840 words after one presentationInteracting images using word pairs that form imagery with each otheroBower images depict should be interacting in some way at the various locicues are geographical locationsPegword method Picturing the items with another set of ordered cuesoCreate a list of nouns with the ordered cuesoThen picture memory item with the nounsoBulgeski Kidd Segmen method improves recall in paired associates task if given 4 seconds or more to form imagesOther techniques Recoding the material to be recalledoradding words or sentence to mediate memory and materialoCarsonZimmerGlover technique is popular but mixed resultsoWords and sentences serve as mediatorsDual Coding HypothesisPavio long term memory has two coding systems for information to be storedoVerbal abstract linguistic meaningoImagery mental pictures that represent lookMemory using two codes is improved over one code as memory can be encoded by either or both Study learn 1 of 4 list of noun pairs oCC both concrete wordsoCA concrete abstract
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