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Dwayne Pare

Chapter 1 the Science of the Mind The Scope of Cognitive Amnesiadue to brain damage a person has lost the ability to remember certain materialsHM is a case study where doctors performed brain surgery on his head but ruined his memory for events happening after the surgery A Brief History 1967 Ulric Neisser published the first book in cognition The Years of Introspection th19 century scholars such as Wilhelm Wundt and student Edward Bradford Titchener launched a new pstychology concerned with mental events Introspect or look within The Years of Behaviourismbeliefs wishes goals and expectations are all things that cannot be directed observed This era thdominated the 20 century The Roots of the Cognitive Revolution Kants transcendental method consists of starting with observable facts than working backwards to observations Inference to the best explanation Its creating a hypothesis to explain unseen mechanisms in order to explain visible data Concurrent articulation task such as saying tahtahtah repeatedly requires the mechanisms for speech production Cannot produce a subvocal speech with overt speech We can conclude that the rehear
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