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Chapter 4

chapter 4

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George Cree

Chapter 4 Paying AttentionSelective ListeningShadowing Participants hear a tape recording of someone speaking and must echo this speech back word for word while they are listening to itAttended channel the message to be shadowedUnattended channel the message to be ignoredThe setup of this experiment is called dichotic listeningAlthough participants are oblivious to the unattended channels semantic content they are capable of reporting the unattended channels physical attributesIn a study where participants names were mentioned in the unattended channel a third of subjects heard their own nameCocktail party effect attention is caught by something in the unattended channelFilter shields us from potential distractersFixation target a mark that the participants must fixate their attention onInattentional blindness failure to see caused by inattentionMack and Rock there is no conscious perception without attentionChange blindness observers inability to detect changes in scenes they are looking directly atThe early selection hypothesis the attended input is identified and privileged from the start so that the unattended i
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