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Chapter 3

chapter 3

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George Cree

Chapter 3 Recognizing ObjectsForm perception the process through which you manage to see what the basic shape and size of an object areObject recognition the process through which you identify what the object isGestalt psychologists the perceptual whole is often different from the sum of its partsThe Necker cube ambiguous figure because there is more than one way to perceive itFigureground organization the determination of what is the figure and what is the groundLateral inhibition the visual system manages to emphasize some aspects of the input and deemphasize others from the very beginningOur organization of the input happens before we start cataloguing the inputs basic featuresThe analysis of features depends on a prior step in which the figure is first organized by the viewerThe brain relies on parallel processing The brain areas analyzing a patterns basic features do their work at the same time as the brain areas analyzing the patterns largescale configuration They constantly interact so that the achieved perception makes sense at both the largescale and the finegrained levelsThe organization of the feature is in th
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