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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 The Science of The Mind

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University of Toronto Scarborough
George Cree

Chapter 1 The Science of The MindEverything depends on our cognitionwhat we know what we remember and how we thinkYour ability to understand the world depends critically on knowledge you bring to the situationCognitive psychology first understood as scientific study of knowledgehow is it acquired How is it retained How is it used EtcWhat forces dive our decisions Why dont you have better control over your attention and ability to concentrateCognitive psychology may help us understand capacities that are relevant to virtually every waking moment of our lives A Brief HistoryCognitive psych roughly 50 years oldThis Revolution took place across the 1950s and 1960s within psychologyStriking change in the style of research and theorizing employed by most psychologistsintended initially for studying problems we have already met problems of memory decision making etc The Years of IntrospectionWilhelm Wundt 18321920 and Edward Bradford Titchener 18671927 launched new enterprise of research psychology defining their field for the first time as an endeavor separate from philosophy or biologyIntrospection would not be casualintrospectors had to be meticulously trainedgiven vocab to describe what they observed etcThis worked for many years but then people became disenchanted with it because it was inevitable limited as a research tool study of consiious experoences can tell us nothing about unconscious eventsAlso no way to test the claims made by introspection o way to sepa
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