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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Interconnections Between Acquisition & Retrieval

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George Cree

6 Interconnections Between Acquisition and RetrievalThere are variations in retrieval either recognize or recall The conscious experience of familiarity Learning As Preparation for RetrievalLearning youre making connections between the newly acquired material and other representations already in your memory making knowledge findable later onThese become retrieval pathswhen you want to retrieve information from memory you travel on those paths moving from one memory to the next until you reach the target materialCan find cases in which someones learning is excellent preparation for one sort of retrieval but useless for other types StateDependent Learning pg 169Godden and Baddeley 1975 scuba diversUnderwater the world has a different look feel and sound and this influences what thoughts come to mind for divers in the situationConnecting these with the words learned in the information But this doesnt mean all the information is lostthere may be other links some other memory connections that will lead back to the target memories but still at a disadvantage to being at the same placeData showed that recall was best if done in the room in which the initial learning took placeInteresting occurrence if you get participants to recall the room they first learned the material in they performed as well as they would if they were in the same placetherefore not physical but psychological context that makes the effect Changes in Ones Approach to the Memory Materials pg 171Recall performance is best if someones state internal and external at the time of testing matches his state at the time of learningContext reinstatement a benefit to memory improved memory performance if we recreate the context has its effects Pair words either in terms of meaning or soundwill be cued the same way Thinking about the meaning led to better recalladvantage of 305215 meaning people who thought about memory remembered about 50 more than people who thought about soundThe match effect wins over the levelsofprocessing effectthe advantage for deep processing is simply overturned in this situation Encoding Specificity pg 172What goes into your memory is not just a record of those words but it is whats in your memory plus some record of what you were thinking about in response to the wordswords plus set of connectionsThis extra material in your memory can influence your search for the target information can change the meaning of what is rememberedmemory plus this set of connections is different from memory and that kind of connectionsEncoding specificity the tendency when memorizing to place in memory both the materials to be learned and also some amount of the context of those materials as a result these materials will be recognizes as familiar later on only if the materials appear again in a similar contextMemory hint will be effective only if it was congruent with what was stored in memory
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