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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Recognizing Objects

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George Cree

PSYB57Chapter 3 Recognizing ObjectsVisual PerceptionFor humans vision is the dominant sense which is reflected by how much brain area is devoted to vision compared to how much is devoted to any of the other senseForm perceptionthe process through which you manage to see what the basic shape and size of an object areObject recognitionthe process through which you identify what the object isWhy Is Object Recognition Crucial o Object recognition is crucial for virtually all of our commerce with the world It is the essential base for learning and memory o Object recognition is required to bring your knowledge to bear on the worldBeyond the Information Given o The Necker cubeAn ambiguous figure because there is more than one way to perceive itIt can be perceived as a y Cube viewed from above y Cube viewed from belowYour perception of the cube is not neutral andgoes beyond the information given in the drawing by specifying an arrangement in depth y Allows you to perceive the cube as having one configuration or another o The Ambiguous VaseProfiles FigureIt can be perceived as y A vase centered in the picture y Two black profiles against a white backgroundThe drawing is neutral with regard to perceptual organization It is neutral with regard to figureground organization the determination of what is the figure the depicted object displayed against a background and what is the groundYour perception specifies that you are looking at the vase and not at the profiles or that you are looking at the profiles and not at the vase o Your perception contains information about how the form is arranged in depth or about which part of the form is figure and which is the groundOrganization and Features o A number of observations suggest that our interpretation our organization of the input happens before we start cataloguing the inputs basic features o The opposite is also suggested which says that the features one finds an input depends on how the figure is interpretedA hidden figure Figure 33Initially the dark shapes have no meaning but after a moment the hidden figure becomes clearly visible Reorganizing the figure with the white parts the features are easily detectedMissing features Figure 34People have no trouble reading the word despite the fact that most of the features needed for recognition are absent from the stimulusThe Logic of Perception o The stimulus itself does not tell you which elements of the input are figure and which are ground or how the form is arranged in three dimensions
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