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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - The Acquisition of Memories and the Working-Memory System

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University of Toronto Scarborough
George Cree

PSYB57Chapter 5 The Acquisition of Memories and the WorkingMemory SystemThe Route Into MemoryInformation Processingthe notion that complex mental events such as learning remembering or deciding actually involve a large number of discrete steps o Each enclosed shape represents a separate event or process and the arrows represent the flow of information from one event to the nextThe Modal Model o Our information processing involves different kinds of memory two of which are shortterm memory and longterm memory o Shortterm memoryholds onto information currently in useModern term Working MemoryAll mental tasks involve inputs or sequences of steps that are stretched out in time o Longterm memory LTMincludes all the information you are not thinking about at a certain point in time but is part of your knowledge baseWorking Memory and LongTerm Memory One Memory or Two o Free recall proceduregiven a list of words participants are asked to recall the words in any order they choosePrimacy effectparticipants are extremely likely to remember the first few words on the list y Caused by transfer of material from working memory to longterm memory y Requires time and attention to transfer the words from working memory to long term memory and as we go down the list of words attention and time decreasesRecency effectparticipants are also likely to remember the last few words on the list y Caused by the last few words being kept in working memory
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