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Chapter 6

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George Cree

Chapter 6Interconnections Between Acquisition and RetrievalLearning as Preparation for RetrievalWhy is there a relationship bw particular way you learn and particular form of memory retrievalwhen youre learning you make connectionhelp you make new knowledge findableserve as retrieval pathsStateDependent LearningStatedependent Learningie Godden and Baddeley Asked scuba divers to learn various new material while sitting in dry land vs underwater hearing information on a set Underwater has a different feelmakes diver coldcoldrelated thoughts now connected to target materials Diver on land will have other link but wont have coldrelated thought triggeredMemory is best if olfactory environment is the same during memory retrieval during initial learning for odours present or absent during learningPsychological context is consistent with account of this effectChanges in Ones Approach to the Memory MaterialsContext reinstatement Improved memory performance if we recreate context in place during learning has effect bc influence how person think about material to be remembered ie Fisher and Craik Present participants in word pairs and instructed to learn second word in each pair and use first word as aid ie dog and cat Participants either given hint with meaning or hint with sound Results Thinking about meaning leads to better memorypeople who thought about meaning at the same time of learning remember 50 more If participants thought about meaning at the time of learning did betterDeep conditioning is invalidatedEncoding SpecificityEncoding specificity One encodes specificallystimulus together w context ie participant read target words in two context ie pianoThe man lifted the piano or The man tuned the pianotarget word in specific way is the piano heavy or a musical instrument When asked to recall target wordgiven hint something heavy or nice soundnice sound effective heavy notWhats in participants memory is the stimulusasunderstoodthe stimulus w appropriate mental contextYou establish a memory that can be retrieved in a certain way from certain perspectiveif change then original memory might not be achieved Good learning depends on later eventsDifferent Forms of Memory TestingWhat is the nature of the memory Recall Presented w cue that broadly identifies info but we need to come up with information on our ownRecognition Information is presented to us and we decide whether to seek after or not waste or usefulRecall requires memory search and memory connectionsForms of learning the promote connections are useful for recall testingmore likely to happen if during the original learning you thought about relationship bw materials to be remembered and other aspects of learning environmentRecognition is a hybrid
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