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Chapter 5

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George Cree

Chapter 5The Acquisition of Memories and the WorkingMemory SystemThe Route into MemoryLearn about acquisition of new memories leaving discussion of storage and retrieval for later Good learning depends on how the memory is used later oneWe cannot separate claims about memory acquisition form claims about memory storageInformation processes Complex events such as learning remembering or deciding actually involve large numbers of discrete steps occur one by one each with its own characteristicsThe Modal ModelModal Model Information processing involves different kinds o memory 2 are shortterm and longterm Short term memory Information currently in useWorking Memory Emphasizes the function of this memory all mental task involves inputs or sequences of steps that are stretched out in timeshortlived memory demandLongterm memory LTM Contains all of information you remember memories childhood facts of various topics Working Memory and LongTerm Memory One Memory or TwoFree recall procedure Free to report the words in any order they choosePeople remember 1215 words in test First few words on listprimacy effect Last few words on listrecency effectSerial PositionU shaped curve describing the relation bw position wI the series and likelihood or recallThe proposal is that lists ending is still in WM when list endsWM is easy to retrievesource of frequency effectPrimacy effect comes from different sourceTransfer of material from WMLTM depends on processes that require time and attentionMemory RehearsalHear word repeat over and over againWords later in list receive less attentionneed to divide attention so each fraction receives limited fraction of effortSerialposition curve leads to other predictionmodel claims that recency portion of curve is coming from WM while other items on the list are from LTMany manipulation of WM should recall recency items A slower list presentation should have no influence on WM performanceslowing list presentation improves retention of all prerecency items but does not improve recency effectRecency and prerecency portions of curve are open to separate sets o f influences and obey different principles
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