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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Book Notes

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George Cree

Chapter 2. Perception Perception: There are two issues with this: o There are too much sensory inputs from the environment o There are too little focused information from environment 2. How it works the case of visual perception The goal of perception is to get information front he world and make sense of it Vision= distance sense, it is used to make a perception without direct contact It takes information about the properties and the location of objects so that we can make sense of where it is and interact with it. 2.1 The structure of the visual system Retina: o Layers of cell that respond to light o Called photoreceptors Light is converted into an electrochemical signal which is passes through the optic nerve Each optic nerve id the axon of a long ganglia cell in the retina The axons make a contact with the lateral geniculate nucleus int he thalamus From there the thalamus sends a impulse to the PRIMARY visual cortex 2.2 top-down and bottom-up processing www.notesolution.com
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