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Chapter 8


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George Cree

Chapter 8 Associate Theories of LongTerm Memory The Network NotionMemory connections provide muchmore than retrieval paths instead the connections are our memories How might the network workIt is straightforwardFirst we need means of representing individual ideas which will be the nodes within the network just like knots in a fishermans net These nodes are then tied to each other through connections called associations or associative linksLearning is similar to building a highway between two citiesWhat it means to search through memory is to begin at one node and to travel through the connections until the target info is reachedo Some cities are linked by super highways and others by country roads Other cities are not linked to each other at all but you can get from one to the next by traveling through some intermediate cities this is why some memories are recalled and others are not Spreading ActivationA node becomes activated when it receives a strong enough input signal like a lightbulb from electricity What travels through the associative links is akin to energy or fuel and these links are activation carriesOnce a node as been activated energy will spread out from the justactivated node through its associations and this will activate nodes connected to the justactivated nodeNodes receive activation from their neighbours and as more activation arrives the activation level increases The activation will reach response threshold and the node fires This firing has several effects including the fact that the node will now itself be a source of activationActivations below the response threshold are subthreshold activations have an important role to play Activation is assumed to accumulate so that two subthresholds inputs may add together or summate and bring the node to threshold If a node has been activated recently it is already warmed up so even a weak input will be sufficient to bring the node to thresholdDetectors receive their activation from other detectors they can accumulate activation from different inputs and once activated to threshold levels they fireLooking at LT storage the key idea is that activation travels from node to node via associative links As each node becomes activated and fires it serves as a source for further activationspreading activationHow does one navigate through the maze of associations Our initial proposal is that you do not choose at allinstead activation spreads out from its starting point in all directions simultaneously flowing through whatever connections are in place think of fuel flowing through hoses if two hoses radiate out from a starting point the fuel does not choose the left or the right it will flow through both
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