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Chapter 5

b57 - chapter 5 - The Acquisition of Memories + LT Working Memory System

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University of Toronto Scarborough
George Cree

B57 Chapter 5 The Acquisition of Memories and the WorkingMemory SystemWays of organizing informationAcquisition the process of placing new info into LT memoryStorage the state in which memory once acquired remains dormant until it is retrievedRetrieval a connection that can lead to a soughtafter memory in LT storageTHE ROUTE INTO MEMORYFor many years theorizing in cognitive psych was guided by a perspective known as information processingLearning memorizing deciding involved a large number of discrete steps each step has its own job and characteristics w each providing as its output the input to the next step in the sequenceThis theory focused on the processes through which info was detected reorganized and entered into memory storagethat is on the process of info acquisitionModal model a nickname for a specific conception of the architecture of memory in this model working memory serves as the storage site for material nowbeing contemplated and also as the loading platform for LT memory Info can reach working memory through the processes of perception or it can be drawn from LT memory Once in working memory material can simply be recycled for subsequent useModal ModelAccording to this mode our info processing involves 2 different kinds of memoryoShort term memory an older term for what is now called working memoryoLong term memory the storage system in which we hold all of our knowledge and all of our memories LT memory contains memories that are not currently activated those that are activated are represented in working memoryAll mental tasks rely on working memory bc all mental tasks involve inputs or sequences of steps that are stretched out in time that creates a short lived memory demand while you are working on what comes next only then w later steps finished can you put all of the pieces together the working memory provides a mental desk spacea resource that lets you hang on to ideas images and memories while youre working on themWorking Memory and LT Memory One Memory or TwoThe distinction bw the two can be evidenced in a free recall procedure a method of assessing memory the person being tested is asked to come up w as many items as possible from a particular source in any sequencePeople usually remember 1215 words in such a testPrimacy effect an often observed advantage in remembering the earlypresented materials within a sequence of materials this advantage is generally attributed to the fact that one can focus attention on these items bc at the beginning of a sequence one is obviously not trying to divide attention bw these items and other items in the seriesRecency effect the tendency to remember materials that occur late in a seriesThis pattern is illustrated as a UShaped curve describing the relation bw position within the series or serial position and likelihood of recall oserial position a data pattern summarizing the relationship bw some performance measure and the order in which the test materials were presented In memory studies the 1
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