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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Textbook

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Gabriela Ilie

Paying Attention Chapter 4 Selective Attention We usually focus our attention on one or a few tasks or events rather than many We shut out other competing tasks At any given moment, awareness encompasses only a tiny proportion of the stimuli, impinging on their sensory system Dichotic listening o A person listens to an audiotape over a set of headphones Different messages are heard simultaneously in opposite ears (message speed is increased) Listener is asked to repeat (shadow) one of the messages They are then asked to say what information they remember from either of the messages o Binaural presentation when both messages can be heard in both ears When messages are at normal speed, people have no trouble shadowing the message Participants cannot recall the unattended message Filter Theory (Broadbent) EARLY There are limits on how much information a person can attend to at any given time o Person uses attentional filter to let some information through and block the rest The filter is based on some physical aspect of the attended message (loudness, pitch) Filter selects information for later processing The meaning from an unattended message is simply not processed o Attentional filter selects what message to process early before the meaning of the message is identified www.notesolution.com
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