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Chapter 15

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George Cree

P478 Chapter 15Conscious Thought Unconscious ThoughtThe Cognitive UnconsciousCognitive unconscious Activity where people are unaware of but makes possible the interactionDifferent from Freuds definition of unconscious prevention of anxiety IDUnconscious Processes Conscious ProductsWe are only aware of the products created wI our minds ndie stimulus CORN to one group of people and stimulus CQRN to 2 groupboth groups are likely to perceive stimulus as CORN and wont know whether correctly perceived or misperceived BUT were clueless whether stimulus was perceived or inferred ie memory errorspeople make memory errors and cannot detect errors cannot tell when they genuinely remembered something or what inferredassumedimagined this happeningThe Influence of Unconscious AttributionsCognitive unconscious important in studies of implicit memoryparticipants influenced by events they cannot consciously recallrequires several steps of reasoningEvident in cases involving source confusionsomeone says This face looks familiar to me and the police think its likely that this is the person who robbed me I guess that the face is familiar bc I saw this person at the robbery People falsely remember these people and be wrongCausal Attribution Reasoning about the cause that wed attribute some factNisbett and Schachter 1966 People asked to endure series of electric shocks that increased teach round How far would people go Somme were given a pill that would diminish pain but would give side effects of electric shocksshaky hands butterflies in stomach irregular breathing but was a PLACEBO people given the pill were willing to accept x4 amperage as control participants People did this bc people used selfobservation as evidence in judging that they were goodbad to continue observing symptomsMistaken introspectionsDistinction bw unconscious and conscious is difficult not srule to tell when were aware or not ie participants asked to read expert of John Updikes Rabbit Run and then asked to describe what emotional impact the excerpt had on them and asked which sentence or image led to the emotional kick Participants were consistent in their judgments 76 pointed messiness of babys crib passage another group of particaptns read the same excerpt minus that passage They reacted to overall excerpt in the same way but the bit about the crib was not important at allHow is our introspection so far of The processes of thought are unconscious and arent able to introspect their processesafterthefact reconstruction Not sure why I act this way Sometimes these will be correct but can be completely wrong also they dont feel like inferences when people are asked to give explanation of their own behaviours they say that they are remembering their own mental processes based on some direct inspection of what went on in their mindsUnconscious Guides to Conscious ThinkingMight be a support structure that is needed that exists at the fringehorizon of conscious thoughts Cases where are thought seem guided or influenced by unseen handproblem solving the role of setunnoticed assumption and definition that guide our search for the problems solutionalthough we are speaking out loud we are guided by a set Importance of decisions frameyou are heavily influenced by unnoticed framing of the decisionthe way the options are described and the way the question is posed Words and sentences are ambiguous but forming thoughts into words is unambiguousyou are protected from confusion by a context of other ideas belief and expectationDeliberate conscious thinking is guided by unnoticed framework
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