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Chapter 10

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George Cree

Chapter 10 Language THE ORGANIZATION OF LANGUAGElanguage is highly organizes with clear patterns for expression of various ideasStructure of language o Sentences Coherent sequence of words that express the intended meaning of a speakerComposed of phrases which is composed of words o Morphemes smallest units that can carry meaningBound ed and free morphemes talk o Phonemes smallest unit of sound that can service to distinguish words in languageCan be letters or symbols that represent sound produced o Phonememorphemewordphrase sentence PHONOLOGY The Production of SpeechUsually air leaves lungs through larynx quietly however if air flow interrupted produces soundsLarynx has two flaps of muscular tissue Vocal folds aka Vocal cords o Can be rapidly opened and closed producing buzzing vibration called voicingZ sound voiced S sound isntNarrowing air passage within mouth also produces sound gap produced by tonguedetermines sound s verses sh Different aspects of speech production allow for categorization of speech sounds o Can distinguish sound by how airflow restrictedmanner of production o Can also distinguishbetween sounds that are voiced vocal fold flapping and those that are not
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