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Chapter 11

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Gabriela Ilie

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Chapter 11Making DecisionsSuccess of a decision is based on the Rationality of the decisiona property of thinking or decision making such that the processes used are selected with the processors overall goals and principles in mindVon Winterfeldt described rationality as rational decision making has to do with selecting ways of thinking and acting to serve your ends or goals or moral imperatives whatever they may be as well as the environment permitsIn other words to be rational means to consider all your relevant goals and principles not just the first ones that comes to mindCognitive overloadwhen information available overwhelms the cognitive processing availableCoping with information overload though often useful can lead to error and irrationalityPhases of Decision MakingSetting goalsthe idea is that the decision maker takes stock of his or her plans for the future their principles or values and their prioritiesGathering informationbefore making a decision a decision maker needs to gather information and needs to know what their options areStructuring the decisionfor a complex decision decision m
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