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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 notes

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Gabriela Ilie

PSYB57- Chapter 10- Thinking, problem solving, and reasoning Thinking is going beyond the info given; refers to more than one specific activity Focused thinking begins with a clear starting point and has a specific goal; unfocused thinking has the character of daydreaming, or unintentionally calling to mind a # of diff and loosely related ideas Introspection is the detailed, concurrent, and non-judgemental observation of the contents of your consciousness as you work on a problem Well defined problems- have a clear goal (you know immediately if youve reached a solution), present a small set of info to start from and often present a set of rules or guidelines to abide by while you are working toward a solution Ill defined problems- dont have their goals, starting info or steps clearly spelled out Well defined problems are easy to present, they dont take weeks or months to solve, easy to score, and easy to change Classic problems and general methods of solution Domain specific problem solving approaches work for only a limited class of problems Generate and test technique Generating possible solutions and then testing them Loses effectiveness rapidly when there are many possibilities and when there is no particular guidance for the generation process Can be useful when there arent a lot of possibilities to keep track of Means-end analysis Comparing the goal with the starting point, thinking of possible ways of overcoming the difference and choosing the best one; the selected option may have certain prerequisite conditions If the preconditions arent met then a subgoal is created. Through the creation of subgoals, the task is broken down into manageable steps that allow a full solution to be constructed www.notesolution.com
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