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Chapter 11

chapter 11 notes

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Gabriela Ilie

PSYB57- Chapter 11- Making decisions Decision making refers to the mental activities that take place in choosing among alternatives, Decisions are made when there is some sort of uncertainty The goodness of decisions making cant be measured by the success of the individual decisions; instead rational decision making can yield success; its defined as selecting ways of thinking and acting to serve your ends or goals or moral imperatives Cognitive overload is when the info available overwhelms the cognitive processing available Phases of decision making 5 diff categories of decision making tasks These tasks occur in a particular order but there may be cycles to an order in which certain tasks are revisited and redone Phases is used to convey the ideas that there may or may not be a set order to the tasks, that the performance of one task can overlap with the performance of another, that some tasks can be skipped and that tasks can be done in diff orders Setting Goals The persons goals influence why they make a certain decision Gathering info Person needs to know what the various options are Ex. what are the likely consequences of each option both short and long term? People may need to gather info about possible criteria to use in making their choice Structuring the decision For complex decisions, people need a way of organizing all their info; this is true when there are a lot of options and lots of considerations to be used in making the decision Making a final choice www.notesolution.com
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