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Chapter Seven:Concepts and Categorization

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Gabriela Ilie

PSYB57 Memory and Cognition Chapter Seven Concepts and Categorization Concept: mental representation of some object, event or pattern that has stored in it much of the knowledge typically thought relevant to that object, etc i.e. the concept of dog includes: mans best friend, domestic animal, animal with four legs and a tail, furry, etc Helps establish order in knowledge base; mental sorting bins Helps people decide on how to act when encountering something never encountered before, but is similar to something familiar i.e. seeing a new, ultra modern design for a can opener that still has similar features to a traditional one Smith and Medin (1981): concepts are very important because they help people keep order in their mind; if we thought everything we saw was uniquenovel: the mind will overwhelmed by the diversity of objects, events, etc that people encounter everyday people will only remember a small fraction of what they encounter language will be too complex, if everything needed its own specific name makes communication near impossible Category: a class of similar things (objects or entities) that share one of two things: 1. an essential core 2. similarity in perceptual, biological or functional properties allows people to make predictions and act accordingly Theoretical Descriptions of the Nature of Concepts The Classical View Dominant until the 1970s; dates back to Aristotle Classical view of concepts: all examplesinstances of a concept share features Feature: fundamental characteristic www.notesolution.com
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