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Jet Lag Article

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Janelle Leboutillier

B64 ARTICLE Jet LagTrends and Coping Strategiesjet lag is caused by inappropriate timing of the body clock in the new time zoneoccurs when there is an absence of rapid adjustment results in loss of sleep at night and all the daily circadian rhythms that are controlled by the body clock are inappropriately phasedflights to the eastmore jetlagEFFECTS OF LONGHAUL FLIGHTSThe effects are due to time spent in an environment that is cramped and offers little opportunity for exercise a restricted choice of food dehydration and cabin hypoxiaall which increases fatigue even possibility for increased frequency of deepvein thrombosisTravel fatigue and jet lag are similar but they are different for 2 reasonstravel fatigue is associated w any long journey jet lag needs 3 time zones to be crossed rapidlytravel fatigue abates by the next day 1 nights sleep jet lag after eastward flights lasts for several daysview page 2 of the article for a list of symptomscauses for jet lag and travel fatigueROLE OF THE BODY CLOCK What is the site of body clock The suprachiasmatic nuclei paired w groups of cells either side of the midline at the base of the hypothalamusThese nuclei have melatonin type 2 receptors and receive info about light from the eyes via the retinohypothalamic tractThere is also an input via the intergeniculate leaflet which is believed to carry info about physical activity and general excitement How is the clock formedTt is formed by cyclic interactions bw clock genes and clock proteins and most genetic info for the clock is conserved bw speciesThe cyclic processes and behaviour are disrupted by shifts of the external lightdark cycle as woul take place after a time zone transition What happens when there is no light or darkness telling your body the time of the dayIn the absence of external rhythmic inputs and time cues the body clock and daily rhythms continue but with a period that is not exactly equal to 24hrsWhatever the exact period is for the body clock for it to be of value its timing needs to be adjusted to the solar day by rhythmic cues in the environmentzeitgebers timegiversthe effect of the zeitgeber on the body clock depends on the body is its time of presentation it can produce a phase advance phase delay or no phase shiftthe relation bw the time of presentation of the zeitgeber and the phase shift produced is called a phase response curve
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